Problem with users replying ticketing via email ----- mail takes time to get to us

When we respond to a user’s ticket and the user needs to respond back, there are two options: to either log in to the (company name) url and respond or to just reply the mail. But when the user replies, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes for the mail to get to us. How can this time be reduced?

Hi @chales
The delay that you described there is an external factor we here at Comodo ONE will not be able to remedy. Communication between your users’ email servers to the Comodo cloud servers rely on the (local) internet connection used at that time. The next best thing that we can advise is to set up a quick access link to your Service Desk (bookmark, desktop shortcut, etc.) on your end users’ desktop and/or browser.

Hi there…we’re still experiencing this issue and i’m sure it’s not internet speed. Internet here is quite good. I’ve just tried to send a mail to the email linked with our service desk account and till now it hasn’t gotten to our team members on service desk. Is there any way to remedy this?

I think the response from @Rick_C is poor, basically saying tough, if you could provide tracking logs from your end proving when the email was sent and accepted by Comodo’s system this will help Comodo to investigate.

Hi @chales
With your original post from near two months ago, we can’t say for sure if the situation now is still the same compared to the situation from before. For now, we will tackle your concern as if it’s the first time. Please feel free to reply to the email we will send to you (in a bit) so we can get to the bottom of this.