Problems browsing server UNCs

We have two clients where there are issues browsing (connecting) to Windows Server UNCs. So far it seems one or both of the following solutions can fix it and we are seeing it on Win 7 and Win 10. Issue is with CCS and
Disabling Bonjour service and renaming the DLL.
Uninstalling CCS and reinstalling CCS.

I am already working with the developers on this and will update hopefully when I have more info, but is anyone else experiencing the same issues?

I have just upgraded 10 endpoints to 10.3 for far now adverse effects.

Would seem that the network is in private or public mode rather than domain, when there’s an issue.

public Capture.PNG

Updated post above.

@dittoit Looks like this fault is quite specific to domain controllers running AD in Windows 2003 mode.