Problems - Keeping us from using this

All, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate this being free and I understand at this time it is free. However its nearly impossible to use anything correctly on a daily basis. It seems each time I go to use this its something else that is wrong or unusable. I want to make this my one stop location and eventually if its a great tool and a number one tool for us, I wouldn’t even mind paying for it. But like I said its missing tons of features that other RMM and Service Desk systems have and its usually something that is wrong. I hope things change with this soon.

Hello @derrick.kleckner ,

Thank you for the feedback. Comodo One is being updated very often to best serve to whoever is using it.
Could you please email us at and let us know in detail what you would like to see introduce or changed in RMM and SD as features so we could accommodate and look into their implementation as soon as possible? Thank you.

It would help us immensely if you would be kind enough to list all the items missing please.
We will then take all this in and get it all coded and working for you.

The features offered by Comodo personally is good, it have some features that I don’t see in any other solutions. I agree with Derrick sometimes things don’t run the way as expected.

Hello @Imhotep ,

Please let us know if you are encountering any specific issues regarding Comodo One. If you do, please open a ticket by sending an email to and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Monthly Client facing reports of patches status, av up to date (vendor agnostic), server cpu, memory, uptime, disk space, backup reports, windows server backup. All integrated, generated automatically so as to download and review with clients to substantiate monthly maintenance fees. Service desk integration with other CRM, PSA tools. Eventually Comodo Crm would be really cool. Pls start w a simple report. Anything w charts and graphs to email to clients. Thanks for all your hard work!

Hello @Rickkee ,

Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your suggestions about the reports you would like to see in Comodo One to the appropriate staff for further analysis.
We will keep you updated.

Hi @Rickkee

We are going to introduce these reports on Q2 release and we would keep working on until everyone is happy and can prove their value to customers…