Problems on Message Center on MSP Portal


I have been trying to check the messages on the Message Center from MSP portal and It shows a blank page, is there any problem with it?

Thanks, I thought I was the only one having this problem.

This has been an issue first weeks, why’s it taking so long to fix?

I second this still an issue here and been ongoing for a couple of weeks now

Hi @axatech, @nct and @Marveltec,

We appreciate your patience. We already have escalated this to the appropriate team handling this specific concern so expect a swift feedback as soon as we get any updates. Thank you.

This issue has been ongoing for a month and reported in another topic on this forum
And the response is always the same, “we are working on a fix”, ok but a month? you guys need to have a timeframe and relay it to the customer
example: this will be fixed in 48 hours, or this will be fixed in x amount of days
just giving my 2 cents

I agree with @jtlogic a month seems a long time…

@axatech @Marveltec
We thank you for your patience and understanding of the C1 Forum’s current state. Rest assured that the people assigned to remedy the situation are working hard on a speedy resolution.

Thanks for fixing the issue, hopefully the next time something like this is not working we can get an estimated time of when it will be working again instead of just waiting for a long time and not knowing.

Yes thank you for the fix