Problems with groups

All PCs allways in one group. If I make installer for other group - PC anyway moving to one group. Also in ITSM Device manager.

Hello @Sergey ,

Thank you for reporting this case.
We want to investigate your issue and we will continue assisting you through email.
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Are you logining in as admin? i have also seen this if you login as this seems to fix the problem you are having.

So loging in as ADMIN puts everything in the default company. if you login as a USER then this seems to allow the creation of the ITSM agent and it puts it into the corect group.

Allways working as admin. But I think this is issue anyway. And should be fixed.

And how to move PC from one group to another in Acronis web console?

Hello @Sergey ,

I have already made a follow up mail to further investigate the issue you are facing right now.
On top of it, we also have in our roadmap the ability to automatically assign devices into device groups and planned to be delivered on 2017Q3.
If this can also help the case, we can add you on the loop if you wish.

To better assist you with this, please send an email to

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