Problems with new XCS version 12.2

Hey guys, any of you having problems with the new XCS 12.12 version?

after version mess
I’m testing version very carefully, at the moment 11 endpoints rolled and no problems reported.


Also testing but having to much problems with Sage pastel, pastel loops install once you lauch it, our inhouse sql program can’t update, can’t even unistall XCS, says the msi can’t be access, so have to remove with the tool. Install XCS 12.10 and problems are gone.

@QuickSilverST have you raised a ticket with support and submitted logs from an endpoint running 12.12 with problems?

Not as yet, the endpoints that have the problems i could not waste time and reinstalled 12.10. I’m busy using a test machine now and will submit logs today

Unfortunately there is nothing we at ITarian can do, but if you report to support we can work with them in getting the information and issues across.