procedure doesn't send email

I’m trying to get this proc to run correctly, it’ supposed to send me an email with a csv attachment, however the proc end with a success but doesn’t send an email.
this is the proc i’m running: Generate software inventory details as one report and sends an E-Mail and this is what I see in the details tab:

2018/06/18 02:40:13 PM Finished success publish timetoken: 15293508138302384
2018/06/18 02:39:42 PM Started

I did add my email address, and I created a new key. Is there anything i’m missing or doing wrong?
Please help.

Hi @reinamsp

We are pleased to help you, Now we have updated the script hope this will help you to accomplish your goals.

please ensure to define the following parameters before running the script:

  • Defining Head Computer is Mandatory i.e(Head_computer=r"LAVA-PC" )
  • Head Computer send an Email collecting from all devices
  • Defining no is Mandatory
  • no="xx" xx value acts Device timeout value that is how much time that the head computer will wait for their clients to receive is time range based on the number of endpoints (Eg, if you have 500, enrolled endpoints then that xx must "100").
  • Define the preferred Email address in emailto='XXXXX@YYYY.COM' # Email address to send the report
Let us know your valuable feedback.