Procedure for Windows Maintenance error


I need help with an error generated by “Procedure for Windows Maintenance” script.

Hi @sdscomp

we’ll check the error and after rectification, the script will be delivered to you.

Thank you

Hi @sdscomp ,

Refer the modified script for windows maintenance.Please provide us the feedback to us,

Thank you.

Sounds an interesting script, am I right in reading this is run as the user to clean up the user and not the system parts?

Hi @StrobeTech ,

For running the script with administrator privilege we are preferring to run the script as system user.

Thank you.

thank you for updating the script.
I was able to successfully run the script on a Windows 7 workstation.
However, the same script doesn’t do anything if i run it on a Windows 10 Home x64.

@sdscomp ,

We have tested the procedure and result was successful for Windows 10 Home Edition as well. We will create a support ticket to investigate the issue

Any info about this problem?
I re-download the script and create a new procedure for the windows maintenance.
I manually try to run the procedure against a different machine running win10x64 home edition.
The script execution log says in the status “started”, but never goes any further.

Thank You!

@sdscomp ,

We thank you for making a follow-up test. We will forward your output to our Scripts Team. Should we need any personal information regarding your account for troubleshooting purposes, we will contact you via support ticket.

Thank you for the response, but I never received any support ticket e-mail.

Hi @sdscomp
What @Jimmy meant is that if there is a need to get more information (ex., logs, etc.) from you, he will create a support ticket to accomplish that.