Procedure operation failed

We have a 3rd party patching procedure that runs once a week on our workstations in the office, and laptop at home that are using an always on VPN.

We always get this message.

Data: Software procedure operation is failed.

I just run it on my own personal machine, which is a desktop/online and working great.

Any suggestions on where to start?

@brianoakes ,

Are you able to confirm that all patches on the laptop failed? Can you try to initiate at least manually installing 1 patch from the laptop itself and check if it would fail as well.

Honestly I don’t even think it’s getting that far.

In the procedure logs, I see the following.

2020/01/21 03:19:20 PM Procedure operation failed Software procedure operation is failed.

This is on my desk, in the office. The one I am typing this on. :slight_smile: Is there a place I can goto to see specifically a list of 3rd party patches that it is trying to install?

@brianoakes ,

For a list in general, you can view all supported 3rd party softwares under Endpoint Manager Portal>Applications> Global Software inventory. For Specific devices, you can simply click the device on the device list and view it under Patch Management Tab> Third Party Applications.

Thanks for the pointer Jimmy. That brings us back to the question. How do we determine the root cause of the error: Software procedure operation is failed

I am sure there is some debug logging we can turn on, on the client to see. I also run the ‘Collect Comodo One logs using new CIS report tool [Script]’ against it.

@brianoakes ,

Indeed some logs can provide an answer to what the possible root cause is. We have created a support ticket to assist you further in investigating. Please check your forum registered email and provide us a reply at your convenience.

Thanks! Much appreciated!