Procedure schedule - run missed tasks


Can you also put in an option to run missed task. So for example if there is a weekly patch procedure but a PC is off during the scheduled time, when it comes online it will run the procedure (once) but not run everyone it missed.


Hello @poynter ,

Thank you for notifying us but please reach out to ITarian Support directly via and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.


Hi, so should this happen when the device comes back online or will it miss the procedure run unless its turned on at that precise time? Can you clarify the behaviour that is meant to occur.

OK, be good to have visible, for example under procedures > execution log or device > logs > script logs. When you run a procedure against an offline device it should show as “pending” in these lists, then when the device comes online the script should then run.

That would be the behaviour I’d expect.

In a similar way, if a patch schedule is missed, then it runs the last one that was missed when it comes online.

Otherwise, everything has to be manual when the device is online, you cant leave anything to run automatically.