Procedure scheduling

We were running our build 20H2 deployment script on demand manually on a per endpoint basis. Then we created a profile that we use to schedule the deployment procedure at 1AM on the next day to run.

At first, I used the daily schedule then realize this would cause the script to redeploy 20H2 on subsequent days when we just wanted it to run one time. So I set it to not run after 8 hours thinking this would stop it from running the next day but that was a wrong assumption. Now I have it scheduled to run once per month with the intention of deleting the policy after cloning it with a new initial date to execute before the month comes around to run it a second time on the same endpoints.

Is there a way to schedule a procedure to run just once? I have several procedures that we run initially against an endpoint just one time when a policy is assigned to it for gathering details about the endpoint, but I am looking for being able to schedule a procedure to just run one time on one specific day and never run again on the same device.

Hello @fastassist ,

You can run a procedure against a device whenever that specific profile is assigned to the device by below configuration on Profiles. Scheduled time is not important here.

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Yes, I already utilize that with some of our procedures. But that executes a procedure one time as soon as the policy is applied. I would like to be able to have a procedure that is scheduled to run at 1AM on April 15th, just the one time, after the policy has been assigned on April 5th, for example. Right now we do this by scheduling the procedure to run once per month and then delete/remove the policy before the next monthly cycle. That works just fine but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any other options.

I found this post looking for the same exact solution. At my MSP day job, we use Syncro MSP RMM. I very frequently use this option. I can select all or even random multiple machines by checking a box next to them, click Run Script (Procedure in Itarian), and then I have a dropdown option to either “Run Now” or “Schedule”. It’s so simple and can be done in just a few clicks! I even have the option to NOT run the scheduled script if the machine is offline at the scheduled time. Just makes complete sense and I love it.

I would really like to see this capability added in Itarian Endpoin Manager without the need to worry about profiles and other time-consuming steps. Thanks for listening!

See attached pics:

ITarian No Schedule Option for Procedures.jpg

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and for sharing detailed information about your request. We have added this request to our roadmap. Our aim is to implement it in the short term (less than 6 months.).

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When will this be implemented?. We have the same issue, we schedule procedure in a maintenance window and it runs multiple times. This is just not acceptable.

Hello @mdyunusraza .
This issue has been fixed a long time ago.
Can you please share the screenshot of the settings you made so that we can analyze what can be the rootcause?
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@mdyunusraza, thank you!
Will inform the status after the check.

The issue is not reproducable on our side.
Can you please run the following steps and provide here so that we can analyze the issue with the device and/or portal.
Download and run the logs collection tool:…reporttool.exe
Archive the content of the following folder:

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\ITarian\Endpoint Manager\rmmlogs

Provide via private message

  1. account admin name
  2. Name of the device
  3. Archive of the folder listed before

Hi @Vadym ,
Its easily reproducible. I just now reproduced as well. We are using EU instance.
You need to update your reporting tool because the new path is C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Endpoint Manager but your tool is looking for C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO
Comodo ITSM

Hello @mdyunusraza.

New reporting tool is deployed 2 days ago.
Can you check that please?