Procedure stuck in status 'Started'

Per the title, I have a procedure that I am running against a large number of endpoints (around 90). The procedure downloads a file from our webserver, puts in a specified directory and then sends an email to confirm this happened. This procedure is based on one of the pre-defined procedures, the only change I have made is adding a method that sends an email when called, and putting in a random wait of between 0 and 120 seconds to prevent the mail server from blocking the account sending the emails for using too many connections.

I’ve spent a lot of time testing it and everything works as expected. This morning I ran it against the group of endpoints and emails started coming through to tell me it succeeded. However, in the execution logs in Comodo One for the procedure, there are a number of machines that are still marked as having started the procedure, but not successfully finished.

What is strange is that I received success emails from those endpoints, and if I connect to them through the file explorer I can see that they successfully downloaded and moved the file. Why would these endpoints be stuck in the ‘started’ state in the execution logs, even though they successfully executed the procedure?

Hi @at211 ,

We created a ticket on your behalf from our support team.
Please respond to their email so we can have our developers take a look at the issue.

Thank you.

Thanks, I have replied to the email from support.