There seems to be 600 or so scripts already pre-installed in the Procedures section. Is there a place to see a list of what they are and what they do? I’d hate to ask for a script to do something when it’s already in the pre-installed section and just called something different.


We have a Scripts website ( wherein you will find dozens of scripts for Cyber Security and IT management platforms that enables you to have wide variety of abilities like taking action on your devices. It includes a short description on what each script does.

@Blake I don’t think that’s the point @Fred is making.

There are discrepancies between the title given to a script in C1 Procedures compared to the same script on the Scripts web site. The C1 Procedure pages don’t have a description column, so one has to go into each script to see the description. Also, there is no indication on the Script web page that a script is one of the ones already incorporated into the predefined C1 Procedures.

Fred puts it very concisely, whereas I presented it a rather more length, with examples and suggestions here:

Thanks Blake, I do know about the website, however that’s not what I was talking about. I don’t want to be looking at the scripts website for a script when it’s already included. I’d like to know what the 600 scripts I already have access to are and what they do before I go looking for more. Unless I scroll through the list and look at each of them one at a time I will never know.

Hi @Fred
We will see what the product development team think about possibly creating a ‘master list’ of predefined procedures in the EM.

Aside from the predefined categories that you can find when you expand the predefined procedures, you can use the filter to further narrow down what you are looking for with some well-placed keywords.

I was able to generate the following spreadsheet which helped me a little bit. if all of these are also on the “Script” website is it possible to tag them as category “Pre-Installed” so that others may know that it’s already installed? Some of the procedures I was looking for I noticed where there, just called something different.

ComodoProcedures.pdf (428 KB)

We have forwarded your suggestion, @Fred, to the responsible team about tagging the ‘predefined’ scripts listed in the Scripts site.

Adding a tag or not to the scripts website would be a great idea

I’m sure as well that some of the procedures included are also out of date. Maybe some for of clean up and removal is needed?

Good point Robin, I didn’t think about them being outdated. I would love to help if need be.