Is there a list anywhere detailing the available procedures?

I’m looking for one that alerts us via email when a selected device comes online.

Hi @Ed_Johnson,

Please check this help guide page to create a monitor and set “Condition” as “Device Status”

Please let me know if you have any queries.

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There is a built in monitor for offline and online. You can use this and it will create an alert for you

Yes, one single alert/email/ticket - but from what I tried to do and have asked proir here - for OFFLINE there is currently no 2nd email/closed ticket when the device comes back online.

I have one site down for the last 24 hrs, I only have 3 servers with the OFFLINE monitor, recived alerts etc so that does work, and works consistantly.

However I still need to manually use the portal or the the remote system to see if they are still offline or they are back online.
Because we dont have a mobile app, it generally requires pc access.

We need a simplt device OFFLINE, then alert device back ONLINE - was not seen for xx mins + ticket auto closed.

I have anydesk as my backup, so on my android I can login to that and check

Other RMM’s have this function built in, Pulseway, Syncro, Kaysa.


Are you using service desk or a third party helpdesk?
Our service desk should auto close the ticket once back online.

Totally get the single ticket or update to a ticket saying offline. Ideally you want an update in the same ticket each 30 minutes or something saying offline and then online to as you state close but also list how long off for.

Details captured to improve our system for you and all.

On the Android front we should have the mobile remote control tool shortly for you. It’s not the full helpdesk and RMM but a good start which should help.