Profile configuration

Is there more detailed documentation for the profile sections when creating customer profiles i.e. firewall settings? I just require a definition of some of the individual features for a better understanding if them, so I can sell, deploy, and support it. Do the settings in the configuration profiles override the local controls of the CCS?

I take it you have seen the help section?. From ITSM see the top right the help icon is there. There are no local settings. They are all taken from the profiles in ITSM. If you change anything local they will be overwritten by the profile

Hi @oktexus
Here are some links to tide you over:

Configuration Templates

Viewing CCS Configurations

Firewall Settings for ITSM

Just like what @dittoit mentioned above, the settings on the Profile assigned to the endpoint are persistently in effect. Any changes on the client-side are temporary until overridden by the C1 admin/technician.

Yes, I’ve seen the help section. I guess I wanted a little bit deeper dive into it than what I found. It’s more or less a screen shot. The website filtering can only be set locally?

The website ATM is a red herring it don’t really do much. Look at Comodo Dome for website blocking etc. I believe the website and ITSM is on the road map.

Yes, the website filtering is set locally, @oktexus. More information can be found in the Website Filtering Configuration guide.

Another way to achieve these website restrictions is to utilize the Comodo Dome Shield which comes free with the C1 platform.