Profile installation failed.

Profile installation failed.

The profile “Comodo Endpoint Manager (com.comodo.mdm:” could not be installed due to an unexpected error.


OSX 11.2.3

Tried restarting, no other MDM Profiles installed. Still can’t install Profile.

Hi @ManFromMars,

Sorry for the issue. We have created a support ticket to investigate the issue to your forum registered email address.

Kind Regards,

As a follow-up for others,

This device (verified by Serial Number) was already registered with a different Computer Name inside the ITarian Endpoint Manager -> Device List.

Steps to resolve my issue:

  1. Log into ITarian Endpoint Manager
  2. Review Device List
  3. Remove device
  4. Re-install itsmagent-cavm-installer pkg

Issue cleared, resolved.

Many thanks to PremJK & Adam and all others who also helped.