Profile with firewall unchecked leave NO firewall running after install?

I’m finding that when I clone a profile and disable the firewall (unchecked enable firewall), it also disables the windows firewall too… is there a configuration in which i can use that would keep the windows firewall enabled while turning off only the Comodo firewall?

Any reason why you are turning off the Firewall? It is far supierior to the windows one and will help save you endpoints.

@RSnumssp ,

Have you tried cloning the profile and disabling the Firewall option before assigning it to endpoints? We can request to our Scripts Team for your the specific procedure. We’ll get in touch via support email once the script becomes available.

Yes we cloned the profile and disabled the FW option before assigning it to endpoints. . . . however due to the circumstance we’ll probably be enabling the comodo firewall afterall.
@dittoit - it was a request.

You can delete the FW tab on the cloned profile. It should disable the full component (not only policy enforcement) on security agent and Windows Firewall should be activated (all in theory, needs to be tested :slight_smile: )

However, I already see that you have chosen the better option.


Deleting the FW tab is something that didn’t cross my mind – option might help in future tasks though —thank you for sharing!. …