Profiles missing from devices

I have spent considerable time creating different profiles for devices. They are all assigned by groups within the device list. Each device has 2 profiles attached, one specific to the client and the other specific to the device (either workstation or infrastructure device). Neither of these profiles have conflicting sections. The device specific profiles handle monitoring & procedures, whilst client specific profiles handle firewall, security, containment, etc.

Up until recently this has worked perfectly, however just today I have checked a few of the devices and they do not have the correct profiles assigned. They still remain in the correct device groups, and the device groups still have the correct associated profiles, however the devices themselves do not.

These profiles are extremely critical to our operations. They hold all the settings and configurations specific to the type of device it is and each individual client requirements. Having them simply vanish from devices is simply unacceptable in a production environment.

Could someone please take a look to see why these profiles they have been removed from devices?

Thank you - my reply regarding what?