I’m in the process of updating my Profiles I’ve developed to run procedures on client computers. I noticed the first ones I set up I had three procedures I wanted to run, so I set them in five minute intervals. Let’s say I wanted to run three procedures on a client computer every Monday at 7pm. Is it possible to tell all three of them to run at 7pm in the same profile or would I have to say 7, then 7:05, then 7:10 in order to give them time to do their jobs? If I said 7pm for all three, would they all run at the same time, or would they run in order and one waits for the previous to finish?

Hi @Fred,

We can schedule run all the procedures to run at the same time. But, we suggest scheduling the procedures to run with interval of 10 mins to avoid conflicts that arise due to files being locked by one process and not available for another if any dependencies exist between procedures.

For more information on scheduling the procedures, kindly refer to the following wiki link.

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