Program Installations

How can one stop Comodo from scanning programs that are going to be or are being installed? ? EG: Installing VmWare Wkstn 14 Pro. I just did this…and it took forever to finish. I see in TaskMgr Comodo is busy scanning the install?? I would have to attempt again to see what the service was called, but once the program finished the install, the Comodo “task” was gone.

So, …I need this to stop. It took a good 15/20 min to install ONE Program. Initially thought it had crashed, stalled or frozen like most Windows junk…but then thought about Comodo being the culprit. Pretty sure this is correct.


For your concern @howie, simply set up a ‘secure folder’ to be excluded from containment and/or scanning

You copy the (safe and trusted) installers into the ‘secure folder’ and run them from there. We strongly recommend that the ‘secure folder’ here is something that is not normally accessed by the regular user. Some samples are:

  • A hidden folder in the root of the hard drive.
  • A folder on any user desktop that you create only when you plan to install something and then delete afterwards.