program running virtually

So if I have a client reporting that he’s unable to run one of his usual programs after installing ccs… I can see in containment that it is running virtually and comodos rating is ‘unrecognized’… what’s the solution? Do I simply change its rating to ‘trusted’? and how long does this take to come into affect? is this the only thing I need to do?? will this program then run as it should?

Hello @Ed_Johnson

We have created a ticket for you in order to investigate the issue further.

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With CCS and containment you have to do the following to get most things working.

  1. Install CCS
  2. Update CCS
  3. Run a CCS rating scan

Now you can change ratings and the client will listen.

Hi Robin…

Thanks for the reply… Where do I find the option to run a rating scan??

Hello @Ed_Johnson ,

Please click on the link for the help guide about running a rating scan:

Thank you.

Secure section of Endpoint Manager /RMM

Go to the AV part and select device from list and scan from drop down.

Is this the same as unrecognized file scanning under the antivirus model?

Pretty much!

Just scans your machines files and checks the ratings, if no rating available should report file for scanning and rating.