Projects module

  1. What for displayed empty days, but needed dates range is limited by right margin?
  2. Why we can’t create new ticket here? For example -purchase order
  3. Be good if Ticket’s bar will contain ticket status (or workflow stage).
  4. Why we cant create task? Message “You cant create at this level” error.


Hello @Sergey ,

  1. You can’t create a task beyond the last day of the month. Taking your print screen in consideration, you have created a task starting on November 30th (the last day of November). Basically in this table the left margin represents the beginning of the day (November 29th 23:59:59/November 30th 00:00:00). If you would create a project in December, then you would be able to create the first task on December 31st.

  2. You can create tickets on this date in the same way as above:

  3. Not sure that we understand the request, would you like to see the task completion in tickets?

  4. First item in a Project should always be a sub-task or a sub-ticket.