Protection for Bad rabbit ransonware

Is there protection for Bad Rabbit Ransomware in Comodo AV? Please confirm.,news-26038.html

Hi @nikki
We forwarded your inquiry to our AV Lab Team and we got a confirmation that we have an existing signature of the Bad Rabbit ransomware included in the current Comodo AV.

Bad rabbit doing bad things

Comodo doing bad things to bad rabbit

Bottom line:

You are protected with Comodo!

Thank you guys for the quick response!

@melih Presumably even without a Comodo signature, Comodo’s containment/sandbox would protect against Bad Rabbit.
Also, if the user doesn’t have admin rights on the PC, would they also be protected?

Further to my message above it seems admin rights are required to become infected.

User rights would infect what the users has permissions to, move through network shares, if they have read write permissions, and all. May not hit boot record, or critical OS files, but could still wreck havoc.

Hi @nct and @BOSS
More (technical) information about Bad Rabbit can be found here and here.

Yes…we protect without signatures. (you can watch here)… its a pretty neat and effective solution…malware rendered useless.

You can never stop malware from entering your network…simply not possible (there is no mathematical way, proven by Alan Turing)…but you can render it useless once in through virtualization of hard drive, registry and the COM interface…(patented Comodo solution).