PSA maybe?

I’m looking for a better system to keep track of client contracts. What the client has a contract for, and when the start and renewal dates are. If possible I’d also like a reminder pop up when a contract is set to renew. Right now I have a Todo list manager on my phone. I make a recurring reminder for 2 weeks before the contract is set to expire for that client. In the notes of the reminder I list what it’s a reminder for and any relevant information. Is there a way to do that in iTarian directly? More often, I would be looking up dates when a client asks “Hey when does my management contract expire with you?”. Is this a possibility in some part of the iTarian app? I don’t use the CRM currently.

Hi @Fred ,

I am responsible Product Manager for ITarain CRM and trying to analyze the use case of your requirements. If you are available we can have a quick call.


What you need is a “documentation” platform…
we have some ideas!

I would love to talk to you guys about my use case. Let’s get on a call. The first thing that prevents me from using the iTarian CRM is the fact that it’s not mobile friendly. I’m a one man operation and never really in the office. I need a CRM that is accessible via an app on my Android phone. If it was accessible on mobile, I would look more closely at it.

Thanks melih. What are your ideas? is there a PSA component in iTarian that might do it?

lets see what we can come up with…