Push Notification Certificate Expiration Actions

Hello, as part of the process to manage IOS devices, we followed the process to setup a Certificate with Apple for Push Notifications and we have done so successfully. The concerning part is within the email we received:

"The following Apple Push Notification Service certificate has been created for the Apple ID xxxxxxxx and will expire on November 05, 2016. Revoking or allowing this certificate to expire will require existing devices to be re-enrolled with a new push certificate."received:

Is this a true statement? Meaning, are we going to be forced to have our users re-enroll their already managed devices each year in order to provide the service to them? What is the process and how is everyone else handling this?

Hello @ktaylor ,

The certificate is valid for 365 days. We advise you renew your certificate at least 1 week before expiry. If it is allowed to expire, you will need to re-enroll all your iOS devices to enable the server to communicate with them.

To find out more about the renewing process, please check the following page (the information you are looking for is located at the end of the page):


I see the renewal instructions hidden at the bottom of that page under a single bullet point “To renew your APN Certificate, click the ‘Renew APN Certificate’ button.” Is it as simple as that or do we have to do more uploading/downloading with the APPLE and CDM interface?

Yes, the process is somehow similar to the one that you did when you created the certificate. To see all the steps involved, in Comodo Device Management dashboard, under Settings > APNs Certificate and click the pencil icon next to ‘Personal’ and select Renew and it will show you the steps that you need to follow in order to renew the certificate (of course, you don’t need to renew it if it is not necessary). Unfortunately we cannot change the workflow, as this is how Apple designed the APNs to work.