Put your own brand on your customers desktops!

You can whitelabel and put your own brand on the Antivirus so that your customers will see you as the Antivirus/Endpoint security provider.

You can put your own brand here! On your customer’s desktops!

Security Client Rebranding : Profiles -> {profile} -> UI Settings -> Comodo Client Security Rebranding

Disable changing settings on CCS (enable client access control): Profiles -> {profile} -> Client Access Control

your own brand.jpg

Hi @melih , where exactly does this appear on the desktop and when are you releasing this feature?

The desktop widget floats on the desktop…its on the top right on my desktop…but like I said, it floats so the user can move it anywhere on the desktop.
The capability is already available.

Good evening, I’m interested in this option, in the current version where this option is located, check the profiles and I can’t find it

Thank you

Hi @franciscog,

Please check this wiki prepared to re-brand Comodo Client Security

Please let us know if you have any issues, we are happy to help you.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your prompt response, I am checking the instructions received, although I have not been able to make the changes in Comodo Security (if they have worked perfectly in the Community Client), I will continue to check if I have missed any of the instructions, in case of If the change does not work, I will be advising you


Francisco Garcia