Quarantined files actions

Good morning,

I have one request and one question regarding Quarantine files:
This morning a clients program got blocked (don’t know why because nothing was change or updated) and I tried to look in to it.
In the malware list, I saw the programfile and wanted to Rate it as Trust.

Problem is that I clicked ‘Quarantine files’ instead of the button next to it. (buttons or too close next to each other)
My request: can you implement a warning message to confirm before the action takes place?
So you have to confirm you want to move the files to quarantine.

Like it’s implemented now is very dangerous because the action takes place immediately. To get a notice and have to confirm the action will minimize the risk of braking programs.

After this action I went to the ‘Quarantined files’ and restored the File on the device.
I do see the status that the Command has been enqueued, but where can I see what the result is? (besides looking myself on the hardddrive…)

In all the logs I couldn’t see if it was successfull or not.

So my question is: where to look for the result of restoring Quarantined files?