Question about licenisng.

I signed up for the free RMM offer to test it out and so far so good. I work for my self with a handful of small to private customers and having the abillity to install the agent and have the ability to take inventory of what they’re using is great. I mainly looking to use it so that can keep track of number of PCs that are managed. be able to view the PC’s system and remote access when needed.

Although, its marketed that free version come with 50 agents included. What happen on the 51 ageent install? I tried looking to the licensing but its bit confusing. It says to but license it would be $40. Is that per user or device as the latter would not be worth it.

Hi @itstrategix

DISCLAIMER: I don’t work for Comodo, I’m just another customer.

When the 51st agent installs, you will be invoiced for the full 51 endpoints at 1.25$ monthly per endpoint, according to Despite this, any endpoint protected by Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection gets managed by ITarian for free.

Anyway, Comodo has special prices for MSPs and Start-Ups, please contact with

Hope this will help. Have a nice day!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam - Endpoint Security