I am just testing comodo so far, The issue I am having with patch management. No agents show up in the patchmanagement dashboard, ive installed the patch management agent I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times still none of the devices I install the agent on appear. They do appear in the rmm menu. Just not the patch management

Hello dlane1979,

Did you download/install the agent from the RMM module? If so, was it the “RMM Agent” or “RMM & Patch Management Agent” ?
Please try it this way: log in to open the RMM module, click on “Add device(s)” on the top of the page, and download “RMM & Patch Management Agent”. If you already did this, please let us know so we can further investigate this.

On three different machines I cannot get the RMM & Patch Managment Agent to work. The RRM agent installs but the Patch Managment fails with the errors of:

Downloading RMM Agent Installer
Download finished. Beginning RMM Agent installation process.
RMM Agent installation finished.
Retrieving Patch Management download details.
Error retrieving Patch Management download details. Retrying…
Error retrieving Patch Management download details. Retrying…
Failed to retrieve Patch Management download details.

I have several issues with the patch manager. 1 if I go to rmm and add then try to download it in that fashion, I cannot change the os from x86 to 64bit it is greyed out I can see the choice but I cannot do anything with it. second issue if I download the rmm and patch manager together the rmm installs the patch manager fails just like the gentleman above. If I download the patch manager and rmm seperatly, they install fine no errors and the rmm shows up and works fine but nothing ever appears in the patch manager.


Can each of you please provide the logs from this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Comodo One Patch Management Agent\logs

An email address would also be great in order to create support tickets.

Here you go I appreciate the help you guys give with the issues I have had the last few days.

patchmanagementlog.txt (25.2 KB)


Thank you for the logs.
Can you please tell us if you see the Comodo One Patch Management Agent installed on your computer. Look in the Programs and Features section from Control Panel.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yes my computer has the patch management agent installed in the aadd remove programs