Question on unit.exe (Comodo Geek Buddy Platform)

Why is this included in the MSP platform? I don’t want to open up my client base to the GeekBuddy universe…

Hello Rick,

Comodo RMM is a project that has started based on GeekBuddy platform, but they are entirely different programs. unit.exe is part of the RMM agent (you can find it in C:\Program Files\COMODO\RMM Agent Service\unit.exe and it is reporting to the RMM server) and it has nothing to do with GeekBuddy (which is located in C:\Program files (x86)\COMODO\GeekBuddy\unit.exe - there isn’t an x64 version of the program). In other words, your clients are not included in the GeekBuddy universe.

Thanks Nick… I always see two processes running…curious to know why it needs two, one to phone home, one to listen for rmm request?

Hello @Rickkee

One process is used by the agent to communicate with the central service, the other one is used to offer plugin support (remote, shell execute, etc.)