I have some questions, perhaps there is a roadmap for this and I didnt see it.

  1. Will this only be a cloud only product?
  2. Will all of the “Modules” Be integrated for easier use or will they always retain a separate product feel and login?
  3. Will this support AV’s other then Comodo?
  4. Will there be price breaks for comodo and ONE?
  5. Is there change logs somewhere or a place to be notified on product updates?
  1. Whatever can be done in the cloud, will be done in the cloud (so the development will migrate towards all cloud solution)
  2. Yes Integration is the key, lets put it this way, it will only get better and it will get integrated going forward
  3. Yes, this is an Open and federated platform, any vendor is welcome to join (subject to MSPC guidelines), we will have an appstore where all the vendors can take part in and we will encourage all these apps to be as integrated as possible.
  4. Comodo ONE is a free product and will always be free, for other Comodo products there will be price breaks. We have chapters assigned to our MSPs so that they can help our MSP friends get up and running with everything including setting up the relevant accounts with Comodo for price breaks.
    5)Most definitely.

#5 mind sharing where those are :slight_smile:

We are going to post new features and updates on relevant forum topics :slight_smile:

Is Comodo ONE completely free for commercial usage (for MSP’s) for unlimited MSP customers, unlimited deployed agents, unlimited MSP technicians and all plug-ins (ex. remote desktop)?

Yes its free. RMM is free, remote desktop is free (there is a new version coming up on 29th July that has a very fast remote desktop as well by the way), Service desk free, patch management free, all the plugins you see are free. and all these will stay free.

If this is free for unlimited usage (unlimited companies/site/devices/technicians/…), why is there a license type (free), license validity (valid), license activation (active) and change license key?

This is on both the technician management console and the RMM agent.

Even the help docs mention this error code: “9039 - Client license will expire soon!”

Also the Administration Console will popup an error message “Network error on activating license” when trying to login without Internet connection.

Will there be a paid license/plugin/module in the future whether based on quantity or usage or time?

Because we re-purposed an existing licensing scheme into this. We still want to be able to log/track licenses but it will be free.

As I said previously

RMM is free and will always be free
Service desk is free and will always be free
Patch Manager is free and will always be free

The quantity or usage or time doesn`t matter…its just FREE :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!