Queued tasks

Looking for Queued items, I can see in the audit log a task was sent but, not sure where the queue is, for example with windows updates to install.

Hello @miker1000

We have created a ticket for you in order to investigate the issue further.

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Any update on this? I also suggested the Execution logs page had the initiated time added: https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/comodo-one-portal/35090-feature-request-portal-display-procedures-script-execution-logs.

As a side note, could you explain the factors that influence the running of a procedure on an EP? Sometimes they run almost immediately, whereas at other times they can take up to 20 minutes to run. Even the same procedure deployed simultaneously on just two (live) EPs can have a large lag between the two run times in the execution logs.

Hello @amcssit

Thank you for bringing that up to our attention. We have created a ticket for you in order to properly address your question. As for your suggestion, we have notified our development team for updates and will get back to you as soon as they respond.

In regards to launched procedures, Execution time may differ from device to device since it is based on many factors like network, communication speed etc. but not based on scripts.

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This would be very useful. Today there seems to be some delay from running a procedure to seeing anything in the execution logs for that procedure. Right now for example, I ran a procedure against half a dozen endpoints. One seemed to run it straight away per the execution logs, but the rest are nowhere to be seen. Do I run it again? Wait and hope they eventually show up?

Showing the queued procedures in the execution logs would go a long way to removing guesswork from using the platform.

Being able to see the queue and remove items from the queue would be a huge improvement.

@at211 ,

We definitely agree with your request. This Feature is still being reviewed by our Development team and we’ll make sure to add you on the request to keep you updated once the functionality becomes available for use.

@StrobeTech Hadn’t thought of being able to remove from the queue - great suggestion.

The feature is basically already there. I ended up having it on my account accidentally when support was working on an issue with my account. It showed queued tasks and their status as another tab on each device. I also was able to see communication logs. Even during the short time I had it, I used it a ton and was extremely helpful in troubleshooting. I could see all the updates coming from the client as well. I also had development tools on the left side navigation (but access denied). I asked about this feature to support, (they disabled it when I reported it) here is the response:

"Regarding to your feature request List of the pending Commands/Requests is currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Long-Term (more than 12 months). "

Hello @eztech ,

We would like to check your reported case and we`ll send you an update on your support ticket shortly.


It’s a great idea, just think how many times you might have sent a command or have changed your mind etc…

Could stop that PC killing command from being mass deployed and more.

I have had the developer tools on my account a few times over the years, and as you say @eztech they are amazingly useful.

But they can in the current state cause lots of damage.