Quick support type client for remote controll

Hi Guys,

Are there any plans in the pipeline for a quick support type client which can be used to remote onto PC’s that aren’t running the RMM client? I’m considering ditching TeamViewer next year but would need this functionality for that to be viable.

On a side note, what are the file transfer limits for Itarian remote control? I seem to recall reading 20MB in patch notes at some point in time but cant find them now.

hello @providingit,
File transfer limit is 50MB for each file right now.
It would be great to have a quick call for all your feedbacks and requirements.
If you have time please directly reach me elif.ayhan@nurd.com.

Best Regards,

HI @providingit , Itarian already a product which provides some of the functionality of TeamViewer. Suggest you take a look at https://remoteaccess.itarian.com/