Quote Manager

I cant see to get it to work, I have setup my template, Items for listing, and i have customers listed. When I go to create a New Quote, it will not proceed past the first step, where you enter name/email, subject, notes, etc. The buttons on bottom never highlight or enable.
Please advise…

Yea I never see the popup as I am typing. I checked the customer, has first last name populated, email address.
What exactly is it searching for when I type? first/last name or email? or does it do it off of both?

So i did some testing, and at first Quote manager is just pulling as companies what I have as listed in my companies, not as “Persons”. The companies have their own unique email accounts, which I have setup as the Point of contact for each company, who normally is the one who submits tickets to us. IF i try to search for that email address for the company, it doesn’t popup with the name.
Yet if I create a new “Person” with that email address and info, it comes up and works.
Does the QM not search for the email address of companies, but only searchs for “Persons”? It would be nice to be able to have it do Companies as well,

Please advise…It would be a pain if I have to manually create contacts for it to work, be nice it is would just autopopulate from new customers/companies that I add along the way

Hello @ZionIT,

We have replicated your reported issue. If we put in the name/email of ‘Companies’, it doesn’t popup. But if we put in the name of ‘Persons’, it will popup and work.
By design, once we enter a contact or company name in part or full. Matching contacts will be displayed for us to select.

We in support will work with our development team in order for us to investigate the issue. We will also create a support ticket for you to keep you updated on this case.

Thank you for your patience.