Quotes: Help

Hi. I’m new to MSP and Italian and absolutely love it.
We have set up many to most of the points. I have now started testing some functionalities.

For some reason, when building a new quotation, I cannot proceed past (1). I filled in all fields (even the private notes), and added a customer name, but nadda. The help files say I should be able to move forward after filling in all * fields.

Please help a brother out?

Hello @clouditza

We have created a ticket for you in order to investigate this issue further

With best regards

Another known issue is that once the quote is created it does not produce the PDF and email it to the customer currently. We are waiting for an update on this.

Hello @StrobeTech ,

May we clarify if you are having an issue downloading PDF file from Quote Manager? If yes, then kindly, open Quote Manager, select account in the right corner > Settings. If you were using a logo before, but it is absent now, please try to re-upload it, save settings and re-check the issue after that.

Thank you.


This is a known issue by all devs and is on a big issue list I have passed through last month.

The issue as stated is emails are not generated and sent from quote manager, if they are sent the PDF is blank.

If you try to download the PDF from your end nothing happens.

Also, once again your forum has stopped emailing out updates to me. I have whitelisted the last email address provided as it was being bounced due to not having correct MX settings.

Hello @StrobeTech, thank you for clarifying the issue with Quote Manager. Yes, it has been raised to our development team and we are still waiting for the updates.

Regarding with your forum updates sent to your email, we have reported this to our backend team to check the settings. Thank you.