Quoting original ticket message / communication history in reply

Hi all

When we are replying to tickets, the end user can only see our reply.

Is it possible to include the original ticket message that the user emailed in, or include all communication that has happened in that thread?

Many thanks


Currently, this functionality is still under development under our Long Term Roadmap Timeline. We will make sure to include you on this request and provide you update and notification once this Feature arrives in production.

Ok great, thank you Jimmy.

I’m glad someone asked this as I thought I was missing something simple on how to do this. Not having a threaded response is really confusing to users. Is there any possible “workaround” to accomplish this until it’s officially added as a feature. Perhaps a combination of variables on the email template and workflow rules? For example you can include %notes in the template. Maybe a way to leverage that by having any reply/message cc’d into the notes so in the template the notes could be included. It would be messy most likely but just looking for ideas. I really need to find a cleaner way for communication through the service desk with end users that isn’t so fragmented and require them to perform another action (ticket link) just to see the previous or original message. I’m struggling with user adoption of using the help desk because of this specifically. Its much easier for them to just email directly so there is an easy threaded conversation, and I end up having to cc or forward to the service desk email if I want to track it.

From within the SD settings, there is no available workaround, @eztech. Until the feature request gets implemented, your ‘CC method through email’ for now will do.

This is an interesting issue.

Sometimes being honest I prefer the system to not send out older information and just the newer stuff as we have a few clients who’s email clients/server always replies with complete history making the tickets extremely long and slow to load.

Maybe a tick box to include the last X messages?

Currently if we need to do this we export as PDF and attach it to the update we are posting.

Not a bad idea about the option to specify the amount of the previous messages.Ideally, only the previous few messages and/or the original messages are needed. Just so they have a way to understand what the conversation is about. I’d classify this more of a case by case, quality of life improvement. Naturally they can just click and open the ticket in a browser, but some get turned off by having to do that. A partial history would be a good compromise even if its just the previous 2 or 3.