Ransomeware Removal

Hi All

I very impress with Comodos AEP when it comes to prevention. I have a potential new client that has been hit with ransomeware ware, I will be going onsite this week to investigate and attempt to resolve the issue. My question is do Comodo have a solution to this scenario (decryptor or ransomeware removal) because if I can resolve this issue I would love to roll out the AEP for this potential client.

@libretech ,

Our Product Developers doesn’t produce decryptors since the nature of Ransomware varies, always adapting to new security environments, with variants easily created. We can only scan for malware and for rootkits (using CCE) if in such cases a machine is infected already. Ransomware usually removes itself after the encryption is done. The Main task of the AEP is to fully prevent infection with airtight security enforced by its profile settings. A virtualized environment, allowing good ones and denying bad ones in the process.

@libretech This may be a no-brainer, but the best ransomware protection & resolution options are to restore affected folders/files from backup, which negates the need for decryptors. We have resolved many ransomware infections within minutes to a few hours depending on the amount to encrypted data by simply restoring from backup. At minimum, customers may lose data since the most recent backup based on their backup plan. Good luck.

Yes we are aware of that just wanted to know if Comodo has a decrytor or cleanup tool.