Re-add Comodo/ITarian Start Menu Links

There is a procedure called “Remove Communication Client shortcut from start menu of Windows endpoint” within the ITSM.
I want to reverse this script and re-add those shortcuts if possible.
Thank you!

Hi @stephan2018 ,

Please find attached a procedure script which will repair the Start menu shortcuts for the ITarian Communication Client.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

20181107-Repair-Endpoint-Manager-Start-Menu-Shortcuts.json (2.11 KB)

Thank you! That worked for the Communication Client!

Do you have one for the Security Client as well?

Client Security is a little bit trickier as running the shortcut repair via the Windows Installer causes the endpoint to reboot immediately upon finishing even with the REBOOT=ReallySuppress flag specified; I’ll take a look into this further when I have a bit more time. :slight_smile: