Re-push Policy to Android

Currently using the default profile for Android that has Bluetooth disabled. I’ve corrected that but can’t seem to get the policy to update on my phone so I can use my Bluetooth headset again. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Just made a clone and told it to allow Bluetooth. I then went to my phones page and updated the profile for it. Still haven’t figured out how to push the new profile to the device.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

The profile should be applied shortly after you click on ‘Save’. If the Bluetooth is still disabled, please check all the profiles that are applied on this device, perhaps it is being blocked by another profile.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

To apply/remove a profile from a device you need to go to Devices, select the Device and click on Manage Profiles.
Please keep in mind that you can apply more then one Profiles on a Device.
The Device will get the most restrictive settings from each Profile.

In other words if you have 2 Profiles associated to a Device, one having Bluetooth disabled and the other one having Bluetooth enabled, the most restrictive setting will be applied = Bluetooth disabled.

I have only one profile assigned to the device and it has been the only one applied for over 24 hours and yet I still cannot get the Bluetooth enabled.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

If you make other changes on the applied Profile, like Restrictions > Allow application verification disabling > Enabled (just for troubleshooting purpose), are these changes reflected on the Device?
If they are, then clearly the Profile is being applied on the device so we will need some additional information in order to investigate this issue.
Please send an email to and include some details about your device:

  • Device Model Number.
  • Android Version.
  • Is is a custom build ROM or Original ROM.

Also please include a copy of your Android Profile.
The profile can be exported like this: Profiles > Profiles > click on the Android profile that you are using > in the right upper corner there is a Drop Down menu > select Export.

E-Mail sent. Looks like I have 2 profiles currently sitting in the Associated Profile queues. How do I push those through? I’ve removed all profiles from the device but they don’t seem to want to drop off. I was finally able to make a change to my BRT Profile to remove the screen passcode but still cannot get the Bluetooth to enable.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

We have received the logs and we have escalated the case. We will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome on this issue.

Thank you for your patience!