Read/Write Acess issues

I have 48 devices running just fine on our network (with Comodo Client Security 10). However, when I try to install Comodo Client Security and any of our (6) machines that run CounterPoint POS, I get the following error message when running CounterPoint.

“Top-Level directory \our network path here is not writeable. You must have read\write access to this directory to run CounterPoint SQL”

If I uninstall the Comodo Client Security, it runs fine,. When I reinstall it, i get the message again

Thanx for any help

@holmesshanea ,

We thank you for making this report. We have created a support ticket to assist you further in investigating the details of this issue.

No HIPPS, no VirusScope

see attached image

@holmesshanea ,

Thank you for the added details. We have tried communicating with you via phone call and was not able to reach you. If you still have time today please respond to our support ticket at your convenience.