Reboot script

I looked but couldnt find a script that would restart Windows computers.
Sometimes I have servers that need to restarted late after hours.
It would be very practical to just schedule a script to run once at a certain time.

@smartcloud ,

Would this suffice your need? This procedure can be set for a specific time and restart . Please give us your feedback

No, not exactly.
That script creates a task so that task needs to be then removed.

I am looking for a script that I can just schedule in the portal and be done with it.
I dont want to schedule it on the device itself since it needs to be removed from the task scheduler later.

Hi @smartcloud

Refer the following help topic for scheduling the procedure,…Schedules.html

For a detailed description refer the following wiki,

Import the specified procedure and schedule according to your need



20181210-Reboot_endpoint.json (586 Bytes)

I am starting to get errors on some endpoints regarding this procedure, appears to be coming from some windows 10 computers that are connected to Microsoft Azure.
Terminated due to new profile configuration

@Dave_Kotula ,

We have communicated with our Script Developers regarding your report. We will provide you an output of their test as soon as possible.

Am I wrong that all the scripts that are written are based on days? or Uptime? Is there a script that I can use to schedule a reboot at the same time each day or night?

The linked script on post #2 can address what you need

It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but it works and it solves the need. Thank you.

The script runs great with the scheduling of the procedure, but I find that when Windows update schedules an reboot for its updates, it conflict with the procedure and throws an error in the event logs.

@Dave_Kotula ,

We would like to make a follow-up in regards to your mentioned error above. We have initially sent a support ticket on your forum registered email asking some details about the errors. Please check your mailbox at your convenience. Our Script Developer awaits your response.

Hi @Dave_Kotula , Thank you for informing us through the support ticket that the reboot script is working properly now.

We have been migrating to several windows 10 pro computers and the reboot option doesn’t seem to be working now. I don’t know if this has to do with the computers going to sleep or into a power save state or not, as we have a policy through Microsoft Azure Intune to lock the computer after 15 minutes of inactivity. The script worked great before and I had it run on a schedule in Comodo.

@Dave_Kotula ,

We have created a support ticket to have the procedure reviewed. please check your forum registered email at your convenience

The problem is resolved, I had to add the computers back into the default profile which I removed a few months ago because it was causing a server to reboot. I have since added the servers to a server profile which excluded it from the default profile and allowed me to add the default profile back into the scheduled default profile. Tested and everything is working now, sorry for the confusion.

@Dave_Kotula ,

We thank you for giving us an update on the support ticket we replied to earlier. Should you have any other queries or issues that need to be addressed, please send us an email @ so we can attend to your concern immediately. :slight_smile: