Reboot Script


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Do you have or could write a reboot script that warns a user that the machine will reboot in a time that can be customized, also with a message that can be customized.
but forces a reboot after the time stated?

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Thank’s for your help Jimmy I will have a look at these in the morning.

@Hobs ,

You are welcome :slight_smile:

@Jimmy The problem with the message scripts is that are they are required to run in the user context so the user sees the message. However, some procedures to which we would want to add a user notification/postpone choice have to be run as the system user.

So, can we either have a script that will run a system procedure but pop up messages to the user, or can we have Restart Control options tab added to procedures like the one we have for the patch procedures?

@amcssit ,

We can only run the procedures as System User or Logged in User and not as both simultaneously. To display the pop-up message the procedure has to be executed only as Logged-in User. The Restart Control for other scripting operations seems to be a good addition. We will get our Developers insights and provide you their output.