Reboot to Safe Mode

Could you write a script that will reboot a Windows 10 system to Safe Mode with Networking? (so Comodo Remote Desktop still will work)

Sometimes I find that a misbehaving computer can run a script better than remote in. Reboot to safe mode would be handy if I can then connect via Comodo Remote Desktop.


I don’t think CRC will work in Safe Mode, as I have previously requested this feature from @comodo .

I managed to do this with Kaseya when I was trailing it, but it took some scripting…
But using zoho assist I can reboot to safe mode and still work on it fine…
Screen connect is the same


We’ll forward your request to our Script Developers. @nct is correct, we are still working on the functionality of the Comodo Remote Control to work under safe mode environment. This feature is still being developed as of the moment and we’ll make sure to provide an update once this gets into production.

@Jimmy Thanks! Glad to hear it’s in dev.

Looking forward to know more on that solution so i can reboot with the comodo still working…

This may help them…
Its the scripting from Kaseay

reboottosafemode-kaseya.txt (27.6 KB)

This would be a great feature.
At the moment we use Splashtop for this functionality as well as file copy.

Yeah I am using zoho assist to do it, also allows me to put a rescue form in the website…