Recent Reliability in ITSM and C1 Dashboards

Hi Chaps,

Whilst i love all the new feature updates coming out the recent upgrade is really struggling for reliability, something that should be core for a product like this. I dont think that im alone in this, there appear to be several others that are having the same types of problems.

Things like…

  • Procedures not running
  • Procedures missing from Custom Policies that have been created.
  • C1 Dashboard Widgets not updating
  • Remote Desktop Failing to connect
  • Patch Management Offline or reporting inaccurate data
Is there any update on fixes for these issues?


Hello @Joners ,

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience it bringing on your end.
For “Patch Management Offline or reporting inaccurate data”, we are still in the process of analyzing this concern.

For those remaining issues, we might need more information and
We will contact you via email shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you, just let me know what you need :slight_smile:

Hello @Joners ,

Sure thing. I already updated your support ticket.

We really appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Hi @Jay would you be able to provide an update on this one please?

Hello @Joners ,

Upon checking your case, I am seeing that our developers are still working on fixing multiple issues on your account.
Rest assured that I am also watching your case and anyone from our team will send you an email
once we have an update about said problems.

We really appreciate your patience on this case.

Kind Regards,