Recovery 'Alerts' or Notifications

I am currently looking to move to a new system for RMM and I thought I would give Comodo One/iTarian a go.

I have set up several servers and quite a few monitors which seem to be working for the most part but I can’t seem to work out how I can tell when an alert is ‘cleared’ or ‘ok’ status again.

I have the monitors set to send me emails upon alert (say ping failure or low disk space) but once the issue is resolved (on it’s own) I get nothing back to indicate that this is the case.

I feel like I am missing an obvious option somewhere?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @iainw :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard. We understand that you are having some challenges with the platform with your onboarding experience. In configuring alerts you can create an additional monitor that meets the required condition when one monitor is resolved. Let’s say one alert is for low disk space, then set another monitor when a for a higher disk space volume that will send you an alert as well to counter your first monitor. For a better experience of the platform, please send us an email to so we can set a schedule for you for a product Demo so ew can help you with the learning curve.