Recurring billing/merchant services choices?

Hello, having decided to move into MSP from the break-fix model where I would just send invoices for our work payable in cash or check, I am faced with the need to automate recurring billing and add credit card processing. In my search I have found various credit card processing services as well as third parties who manage the recurring billing and chasing down unpaid accounts, etc. All of them charge a significant fee, so I’m hesitant. I run a very small shop and am bootstrapping it upward as cheaply as possible and was wondering what everyone else uses for automated recurring billing and merchant processing services. I have two clients who are ready to make the leap but I am not ready for them unfortunately. My initial thoughts were to sign up for Square or some friendly service like that and manually enter the clients’ CC and billing amount every month on my own after having them submit and sign a payment form/agreement, but that seems to be tedious and possibly a legal liability by storing client CC numbers etc… Any advice? Thank you in advance!

I guess your not in the uk. But here I use Quickbooks as my accounts this handles the MRR side and the I use GoCardless to take DD’s QB also integrates with Gocardless so it’s perfect.

Makes sense, thank you very much.

I have been looking at PSA’s that will map to quckbooks, as I hope to use to handle sending out invoices, auto billing and taking payments as well as AR in general.
It auto syncs with QBO, that way when i pass off invoices to QBO from the PSA, armtatic will sync, fire the invoices out, autobill those that can be.All payments will sync back to QBO automatically and then back to the PSA when it syncs

Same here except we use KashFlow which we are looking at changing to Quickbooks.

Armtatic is an interesting product for sure. Currently we use for our contract signing as it cheap, easy and very simple for the end user to walk through. The ideal of linking this into C1 would be nice, but very hard being honest other than maybe storing the signed contract within a documentation module or something.

@StrobeTech I am more looking at the auto AR side of things, I want to have to do as little as possible when it comes to invoicing and paying customers…
One thing I liked that BMS from Kaseya had was the ability to automate the posting and invoices of work done and contracts via workflow… Even Syncro had this, was more manual like Comodo is, in that you had to send ticket charges to a cart, but then the recurring invoice task would run, it would grab and due contract charges and work in the cart and invoice it all in one hit…

C1 works with Quickbooks, but to what degree I’m not sure.
I know from a business point of view we use our accounts built-in systems to auto generate monthly invoices, but these are static items like ADSL agreements.

Having a work flow as you suggest would be good as SD does have places for materials and time is now logged correctly as well. But also having QCM do this would also be great too.

@StrobeTech I had a virtual meeting with the dev team last week around the future road map and what I saw would work…
They really need an invoicing/billing module that takes info from SD, CQM and even the ability to do recurring billing, either via contracts or separately…
this could then push this info to QBO or Xero or similar.

My worry at the moment is the idea trying to encapsulate vtiger as the crm is going to be problematic, they would be better making the one platform the central database of customers, etc that then either is access via the modules or syncs with them…

The RMM has a bit of way to go as an RMM as well

Hi @rockowwc

I agree that it has away to go; but they are moving fast and getting there for sure.
In my mind vtiger is nice idea, but there is too much of an over lap with SD and CQM for it to work, and i’ll look at maybe removing it and doing an in-house job that talks with CQM for quotes etc.