Region error

Good Morning,

One of my support staff members is unable to log into Service Desk with an error being unable to determine region… He has been using Service Desk all this time previously.

Please advise?

Hello @Rhipkin,

We will create a support ticket for you to further investigate the reported error. Please free to respond to the support ticket that is sent to the email address that you registered on this forum page. Thank you

Copy. Will look out for ticket.

We have the same problem. Can not login to Itarian. Says: An Error is occurred while checking user region.

Same problem here as well

@AVPRO_engineer , @peter.morton ,

Our Development Team reports a minor interruption on some accounts hosted on ES and US Region. We will communicate with you via support ticket for some private account details and forward your reports to our Backend Team to get your services up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

@AVPRO_engineer @peter.morton , @Rhipkin

​​​​​Hello all, ​​Our Development Team was able to restore most of the services back into full operation. Please check the login portal at your convenience.

Yes, thank you, we are able to log in now.

@Rhipkin ,

We’re glad to hear of your report :slight_smile: