I’ve got an issue with a ton of endpoints where Remote Control is not working (#XAF-117-33210) The solution that has been proposed is to reinstall Comodo. This is not feasible for 200+ endpoints. Here is what I would like a script to do:

1)Download the latest ITSM (the ITSM Installer URL would be a variable that could be modified prior to running) to the folder c: emp\ComodoInstalls
2) If RMM Exists, remove it. Log results to c: emp\comodoInstalls\log.txt
3) If Patch Management exists, remove it. Log results to c: emp\comodoInstalls\log.txt
4) Create a batch file call ComodoInstall.bat that does the following:
a) runs the downloaded file (from Step 1)
b) removes the scheduled task created in Step 5
c) send the results of the log file to the ITSM
5) Create a scheduled task (or start up task) to run the ComodoInstall.bat file
6) Check for any other Comodo AV or ITSM related products and remove them. Log results to c:\comodoInstalls\log.txt
7) Send the results of the log file to the ITSM

An example of the log file would be:

Patch Management: FOUND, REMOVED
ITSM Communication Updater: FOUND, REMOVED


Hi @easterntech50 ,

We are analyzing your request will update the script request once it has been completed.

Thank you.

Hi @easterntech50

please refer the below link to remove Comodo products and install ccc when system startup.

task scheduler runs the bat script to install ccc after the system start-up.

To install comodo client communication-download the link from enroll device in c1 portal and give that token as a file name in a script(eg: itsm_gPB4RS3N_installer.msi) with extension.

That looks good, thanks! Couple of questions:

  1. Can the RMM uninstall be added in?
  2. I’m not seeing where the comodoinstall.bat gets created/downloaded. Can you please explain?
  3. on line 15 the download link looks like an old link. Is that where we put the new download goes for the download?


Please refer the following details:

  1. Yes we can include RMM Uninstallation, will update the Script.
  2. @Line 215 .BAT file has created and @216 writing Procedure for BAT file. @ 228 (ComodoInstall.bat) will run and execute.
  3. Yes it is, for latest ITSM User has to give the Token of latest ITSM which is available. Here, Token refers ( “T2xRnJfD” ) 8 digit code, based on token ITSM version will be available.

Will update the script and provide you with better result.

Thank you.

Hi @easterntech50
The download link we provided will download the latest version only (6.13.8773.17110) kindly please check it once again and we have included RMM uninstallation and updated the script.

Thank you.