Relay Server or Group Update Provider

This is mainly used in situation of Low Internet Bandwidth or DMZ Network/Protected Computing.

Functionality Described:-
Set up a local update server for Cloud Security for Endpoints

By default, the client installed on protected computers (Endpoint Client) automatically checks for and downloads updates from the update servers on the Internet.

For customers with slow Internet connection or limited bandwidth or DMZ Network/Protected Computing, having all clients update from the Internet might be inconvenient. To optimize Cloud Security for Endpoints update distribution and Policy Update in local networks, you can use Update Server.

Update Server allows you to set up a update server location within the local network. Having a local update server, you can configure and assign policies to clients so that they update from the local mirror instead of updating from the Internet.

By using a local update server location, you can reduce Internet traffic (only one computer connects to the Internet to download updates)

The above Feature is requested mainly for Companies who have a Mix of “DMZ Network/Protected Computing” and “Devices which connect to internet regularly”

Hello @Alwyn,

We appreciate your suggestion. We have relay the details to our development team for them to review the suggestion. We will keep you posted on this page once we have an update with the created ticket for this feature request. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

It should be a good option.


The suggestion is indeed wonderful. Our development team will definitely look at what you have explained. We’ll be glad to notify you via support ticket for the outcome

We still have a few customers on F-Secure PSB, and they have a feature called “neighbour cast” which is where each machine on a LAN is a server and client for updates.

Once a machine gets the updates it advertises across the LAN saying get it here saving the internet usage.