Release Candidate of C1 & ITarian - IT Operation Platform December Release(12/1/2018)

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE and ITarian on Saturday (12/1/2018) morning! The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo One and ITarian will be in maintenance mode.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core


  • Support for the latest operating systems
      We continue to develop Endpoint Manager as the platform which lets you manage EVERY device on your network or your customer’s network. In addition to the existing list, you can now enroll devices which run the Android 9, iOS 12, Ubuntu 18.
  • Audit Logs
      We improved the log interface to show both old and new values in logs which record profile changes on updates section.
      We improved the logs to store changes and updates under File Group Variables
  • Export scope
      You can now export all information in the ‘Device Summary’ section of a device.
  • Enrollment Instructions
      iOS and macOS enrollment instructions are now listed separately.

Patch Management

New Features

  • Missing optional patches are now shown in the ‘Endpoint Patching Status’ tile on the platform dashboard. This is in addition to missing critical patches.
  • Patch Management audit logs are now available as a separate category. You can also filter patching events by event name.
  • Patch scan intervals have been improved. Initial scans are started 10 minutes after agent initialization. Regular scans are run every 8 hours.
  • The ‘Critical’ patch status now represents both critical updates and security updates whose severity is critical.

Comodo Client Security


New Features

  • Restore disabled and quarantined autorun items. You can now restore items disabled or quarantined by a Windows boot area scan. The following actions are available in ‘General Tasks’ &g; ‘Unblock Autoruns’:
    • Unblock: Enable a previously disabled auto-run entry. When you unblock an auto-run item, the corresponding executable file is restored from quarantine. You should create an exclusion for the executable, or change its rating to ‘Trusted’, or else the two items will be caught again by the next scan.
    • Delete: You can delete an autorun item from its original location. If you delete a scheduled task from this list, it will also be removed from Windows Scheduled Tasks.


  • Optimization of file rating queries. The check to find the local admin rating of a file is now handled in the background. This improves file opening times and overall system performance.
  • Improved parent process tree in containment logs. Containment logs now show all parent and child processes for contained applications.
  • CCS User Interface changes
    • Program update options have been removed from the CCS interface on local machines. This helps solve several potential conflicts between local endpoints and Endpoint Manager policy. CCS updates can still be managed via a device profile.
    • We also removed the options concerning automatic installation of program updates in critical situations. The website filtering tab is also hidden and disabled by default.

New Features

  • Password and account policies added to the ‘Settings’ area. Admins can now set:
    • Lockout time – Length of time user is prevented from logging in after 5 invalid login attempts. Options range from 30 – 150 minutes (30 mins default).
    • Session timeout – Maximum length of time a user can remain logged into the platform before they need to login again.
    • Password expiry period – Maximum length of time a user can keep the same password before they need to change it.

Mobile Applications


  • In addition to the existing list, we are now supporting iOS 12, Android 8 and Android 9
New Client Versions TBA

Release Candidate - Release Notes December 2018.pdf (129 KB)

Sounds great, but I’m kind of missing the SNMP feature scheduled for Q4/18

@frederikbay many of us are waiting for this still . . . .

Definitely want to know where SNMP is; we were told that was coming in the “next release” which is this one.

Hey all!

I mentioned this in another post as well:…0222#post30222

We are actively working on the SNMP. We plan to have the SNMP discovery part on Q1 and we will continue with various monitoring after that.

Best regards,

Hi @Ilker , Any news on Wake On LAN, which used to be available in ESM, but then not on Comodo One?

December updates are looking good. The SNMP needs to come before year out pushing back to Q1 is not good, why is it taking so long? Are you guys developing from scratch?

@libretech since it isn’t in the December release notes, it’s realistically not going to happen, let’s hope they deliver in Q1 . . . @Ilker @melih you have approx 4 months :wink:

There are some great improvements. But as an admin of both Win and macOS, I could do with more on macOS. Especially scripts.

Will keep fingers crossed.

we are pushing for Q1 for snmp…


I do like the idea of collecting using SNMP but v1 & v2 of SNMP is vulnerable and do not pass the PCI DSS scans. It can still be used if ACLs are created of course.
I do recommend v2 and v3 be used to cover security concerns and for the feature not to be turned on by default rather to be turned on by policy change within the Agent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about OSX 10.14.1

@gerberIT ,

OSX Mojave support might come within our Short-Term Roadmap timeline (3-6 mos.) This is just a rough estimate. It can be sooner.